The fractional calculus, a branch of mathematics developed alongside classical calculus, has drawn the attention of physical, biological and engineering sciences in the last decade. Its ability to capture the dynamics of phenomena with long-term memory, spatial heterogeneity, non-stationary and nonergodic statistics proved to be useful in describing the strength and tensile properties of disordered materials, heat flux in anisotropic systems, anomalous diffusion of the MRI signal and control of complex networks. In many cases the fractional calculus approach results in more elegant and natural descriptions of complex phenomena than one obtained with traditional methods.

“Fractional calculus: new language of complexity” is a satellite workshop of “Conference on Complex Systems”, which will be held on 21 September 2016 (morning), in Amsterdam. Topics in this workshop include, but are not limited to:

  • mathematical foundations of fractional calculus
  • fractional dynamics
  • fractional calculus in biology and medicine
  • engineering applications
  • control applications

The main goal of this satellite meeting is to introduce the field of fractional calculus to the interdisciplinary audience of CCS2016. We intend to keep the talks on a general qualitative level, so that even complete novices will be able to gain some insight to the subject.


ARL_logo   Malgorzata Turalska, US Army Research Laboratory

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